The term “Commercial” represents a broad spectrum of non-residential projects which include Justice/Court facilities, Colleges and Universities, Corporate Centers and facilities, Retail, Healthcare/Hospital projects, and Federal / State government and/or service facilities. Our portfolio includes international sales of our limestone products around the world. Valders limestone has been used for low rise retail to mid and high rise corporate and residential use. You design it, we will fabricate it!

College / UniversityCollege_University_Valders

Valders dimensional cut stone is a natural selection to clad or accent the exterior and interior of educational facilities. Our stone combines the features of durability, beauty, and low maintenance. It is a choice that delivers permanent value to the facility and institution.

Corporate / RetailCorporate_Retail_Valders

Add a touch of elegance and durability to corporate offices, retail facilities and any structure that demands low maintenance and high aesthetics.

Federal / State


ASTM Type III limestone from Valders has been installed for heavy traffic stone floor pavers, stairs and balustrade, exterior interior and cladding and architectural elements. Low absorption, high abrasion resistance, high strength and an attractive array of colors and finishes make our dimensional cut limestone the ideal choice for public facilities.




The clean, crisp look of dimensional cut limestone connects to the clinical image of a hospital or health care facility. Specified for the exterior or interior, natural cut limestone has zero off-gassing or emissions for the interior environment and a low maintenance facade for the exterior.

Justice / Courts


The selection of dimensional cut limestone can create or enhance the formal image and prominence associated with Court and Justice facilities. Valders limestone is a natural material that will stand the test of time, require minimum maintenance and provide added security for the exterior of the structure.

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