Keystone Retaining Wall

Luxora Country Manor 2-piece™

With a touch of Old World charm, Keystone Country Manor 2-piece provides the flexibility to create one-of-a-kind home landscape projects.

  • 3” cap gracefully finishes projects.
  • Easy to install for DIY landscapers using pin connection technology.
  • Ideal for non-essential retaining walls and garden structures, including: planters, columns, stairs and benches, and more.


Keystone Compac

The #1 commercial retaining wall product on the market,
the Keystone Compac unit is an installer’s favorite. Featuring an open core design and the pin connection system that is trusted by engineers and contractors around the world, the Keystone Compac is lighter weight than other structural blocks and has a shortened tail design that makes it easier to handle and perfect for projects that do not require the embedment length of the Keystone Standard unit. In addition to the traditional sculptured/tri-planar and straight-face face styles, the Keystone Compac is now available in a variety weather finish options including the new Hewnstone face.


Keystone Standard

The Keystone Standard Unit is an American original. The product that started the retaining wall industry is still the industry leader for tall walls and critical structures. The height-to-depth ratio of the Keystone Standard unit delivers a structurally sound, engineered wall system with superior construction stability, durability, and strength. Architects and engineers rely on the Keystone Standard unit to stand strong when the safety and security of their wall designs matter.




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