4” x 11.5” Basic Wall Block

4-in. x 11.5-in. Basic Wall Block


Keystone 4-in. x 11.5-in. Basic Wall Block adds beauty to your landscape with complementing natural stone texture and earth tones that blend with any landscape. Its unique, tapered design enables you to build straight, curved, or terraced walls; perfecting fitting the contours of your yard. Not only is 4-in. x 11.5-in. Basic Wall Block lightweight and easy to handle, it also requires no special tools for installation.

Perfect for:

Planters • Borders • Small Walls

Unit dimensions:

4″ H x 11.5″ W x 7″ D

Stones per sq. ft./3 Wt./23 lbs.
Stones per pallet/112 Pallet wt./2,576 lbs.

Tan Blend

Item# 631795


Red Charcoal Blend

Item# 456183


Gray Charcoal Blend

Item# 456182

Tan Charcoal Blend

Item# 388391