Chilton Country Manor

Stone Properties

Chilton Country Manor veneer stone has a very distinctive color mix from grays, lavenders, slight buff to slight blue tones. Please remember that we only sell natural stone so it will vary in color and texture from piece to piece. Country Manor represents several different types of natural colors and textures intended to complement your design. Our Country Manor is a beautiful blend of 10% Seamface, 40% Rustic Royal Chateau and 50% Machine Cut Veneer. While we love this combination, if you’d rather make it one you can call your own, please feel free to change the percentages or combine “flavors” of stone.

Recommended Uses

When using our natural stone, your imagination sets the limit. You could use our full or thin veneer stone for the exterior of your new or remodeled home. Use our thin veneer stone for a remodeling job on the interior for your fireplace or instead of painting your walls.