2-pc. Insignia® Edger

8.7-in. Tan/Charcoal Insignia Edger

ITEM# 388406


The Keystone Insignia Edger is a self-locking, high strength concrete system with the appearance of natural stone. Each unit is lightweight (9lbs) and can easily be installed by the do-it-yourself gardener or homeowner.

Perfect for:
Garden Edging • Lawn Edging • Borders

Unit dimensions:

Unit A: 3″ H x 7.5″/6.25″ W x 5″ D

Unit B: 3″ H x 8.7″/7″ W x 5″ D

Stones per linear ft./1.6 Wt./9 lbs

Stones per pallet/320 Pallet wt./2,880